New NCD plan in Kenya
July 28, 2021

 National NCD Strategic Plan 2021/22-2025/26

New palliative care resources
July 23, 2021

New resources on palliative care

New WHO recommendations for screening and treatment of cervical pre-cancer
July 12, 2021

Recommendations for the general population as well as for women living with HIV/AIDS.

Pacific Regional Comprehensive Cancer Control Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022
July 07, 2021

Updated version from January 2021

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer screening
July 05, 2021

New articles by the International Cancer Screening Network 

PDQ® Cancer Information Summaries
July 01, 2021

Links to NCI’s PDQ® Cancer Information Summaries now on the ICCP portal 

Voice, agency, empowerment. WHO Handbook on social participation for UHC
June 22, 2021

WHO handbook on strengthening government engagement with communities

Rwanda NCCP and NCD plan now on the portal
June 14, 2021
Harnessing data for better cancer care
June 10, 2021

A new report by All.Can

Planning for tomorrow: global cancer incidence and the role of prevention 2020-2070
June 07, 2021

A new article on benefits of global investment in cancer prevention.