In many countries, Ministries of Health (MOHs) and Ministries of Finance (MOFs) determine which health services are delivered, when, where, and for whom. While MOHs are responsible for setting national health policy and managing the day-to-day delivery of public health services, they are dependent upon MOFs for establishing funding levels and releasing the necessary funds to finance MOH operations.

Designed for health sector managers, A Toolkit for Ministries of Health to Work More Effectively With Ministries of Finance, presents four different tools to help MOH staff better manage their resources and communicate more effectively with their MOF counterparts. The two institutions lack common language, systems, priorities, and incentives. Likewise, few opportunities exist outside the high-level meetings associated with annual budget negotiations for dialogue on the funding levels, multi-year funding requirements, and mechanisms necessary for improving health outcomes. The tool kit aims to help bridge the gap between these two important institutions. The four tools can be used separately or together, depending upon the needs of the managers.