This toolkit is a "how to" guide for developing, implementing and evaluating a multisectoral action plan for prevention and control of NCDs. It is targeted at policy-makers, planners and programme managers, and is intended to help countries, provinces and cities meet the requirements for achieving global and national NCD targets and the Sustainable Development Goals. The toolkit takes the user through a series of actions related to the development of a multisectoral action plan, and provides forms and a template framework for users to complete as they undertake these actions. Developing a multisectoral action plan involves establishing health needs and engaging relevant stakeholders before determining the actions to take, identifying and prioritizing interventions, deciding on ways to address NCDs while establishing support and resources for prevention and control, and evaluating progress in implementing the plan.


Module 1: conducting a comprehensive assessment

Module 2: establishing stakeholder engagement and governance mechanisms

Module 3: establishing a framework for action

Module 4: developing an implementation plan

Module 5: evaluating the implementation of a multisectoral action plan