C/Can 2025 - City Cancer Challenge

With 1 in 3 people directly affected, cancer is one of the world’s most pressing health concerns. Cancer is estimated to cost world economies as much as US$1.16 trillion annually - a figure that is projected to grow exponentially if action is not taken now to reduce the spiralling growth in the number of cases, and the impact on both individuals and healthcare budgets.

In this toolkit, we define the critical core package of interventions for the delivery of a quality cancer solution at a city level to guide city leaders and policy makers. A set of evidence-based guiding principles incorporates four core areas of practice within a multi-disciplinary cancer care facility recognising the spectrum of clinical services required to provide a quality cancer diagnosis and curable and palliative treatments. They also acknowledge that investment in service delivery, infrastructure and a skilled health workforce cannot occur in isolation, but instead must go hand-in-hand with a commitment to quality and placing the patient at the centre of care. We believe that consideration of all four areas of practice would go a significant way to the delivery of a cancer care facility that increases access to quality, safe cancer care for patients, and ultimately improves patient outcomes and quality of life.