The International Cancer Control Partnership (ICCP) is dedicated to assisting countries with developing and implementing National Cancer Control Plans (NCCP). This mission takes on an even more meaningful purpose in times such as these, a global pandemic that has highlighted strengths and weaknesses of health care systems, most dramatically through the lens of health equity. Throughout the world and within countries themselves, there are great disparities in cancer risk behaviors, screening and treatment services and quality of cancer care outcomes. Although we often know what works in cancer prevention and control, applying this nowledge to practice is lacking. Utilizing implementation science, especially during disruptions (such as pandemics) and innovations (such as telehealth, HPV testing) can help identify culturally appropriate and equitable approaches that can be adapted to and developed in partnership with specific populations and communities and are included in effectively implemented national cancer control plans. This session explores the role of implementation science in adapting national cancer control plans to respond to disruptions and innovation in today’s world.