March 12, 2021

“Global action on financing cervical cancer elimination. Funding secondary prevention services in low resource settings” report produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit follows the launch of the WHO Global Strategy to Eliminate Cervical Cancer as a Public Health Problem.

Based on a literature review and in-depth interviews with experts in cancer control, international development and health financing the report explores challenges associated financing cervical cancer elimination efforts in lower resources settings. The report identifies a set of priorities to engage policy and financing decision makers:

  • Generate local data to inform health financing design and decision making.
  • Assess national funding and extent of high-quality services using available WHO costing and modelling tools to develop feasible, stepwise scale up plans.
  • Champion integration at a policy, financing, programme and service level to ensure success and sustainability.
  • Utilise innovative and blended finance solutions to complement domestic funding.

The report is currently available in English and will be translated to Spanish and French.

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